Our Teachers

The teaching team of L’Atelier is composed of qualified and experienced teachers. Coming from different backgrounds, we provide teaching in various subjects : French, English, Vietnamese, but also Sciences (Maths, Physics and Chemistry), History and Geography, Economics and so on.

We remain at your disposal to discuss your needs or your children’ ones in order to decide together on the most suitable teaching program.

If you are interested you can meet the teaching team everyday from 2pm to 3pm, except Saturdays.


Sylvie Girard

Director of L’Atelier An Phu

French, FFL (French as a Foreign Language), tutoring and music teacher

Graduated from Rouen University

Master degree in FFL

In Vietnam since 1998, Sylvie taught at Marguerite Duras, at ABC, at Hung Vuong university and at Hoa Sen school.

“For a teacher, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child becoming opened to knowledge and start to think by himself…”

Tiffany Amable

French and Tutoring teacher

Graduated from the university of Rennes 1 Beaulieu.

Maitrise in Biology (Natural conservation and biodiversity).

Tiffany has mosty gave Mathematics tutoring in different school in France.

In Vietnam since 2017.

“To teach is to show new and different perspectives in order to use them and enjoy them in our lifetime.”

Florian Ville

French and Tutoring Teacher

Graduated from Toulouse University

Master Professeur des Ecoles

After teaching French in the United States, Florian took his Master in France and then moved to Vietnam in August 2015.

“Teaching means providing students with the tools they need to succeed serenely.”

Kelly Lecat

FFL and English Teacher

Graduated from Rouen University

DEUG of English

Kelly taught French in the United States and then English in France before moving to Vietnam in August 2015.

“To teach is to allow students to have an open mind in order to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.”

Loan Dubreuil

FFL teacher for children

Graduated from a master degree in learning and new technologies. Loan had been working since more than 10 years with children.

Currently doing a second Master degree in Language tuition with French as a foreign language.

After living in France and the United States, Loan settled up in Vietnam for 2 years

“teaching is first giving the passion to learn.”

Etienne Langlade

French teacher and tutoring

Graduated with a Master 2 in international economy and law at the Foreign Trade University of Hanoi.

Etienne worked has a lecturer at the french faculty in Hanoi, then during 2 years, at the Saint Paul American School of Hanoi as a French teacher for english student.

”Teaching, is passing on his knowledge with love, but it’s also a cultural bridge.”

Vicky Torecillas Ros

Spanish Teacher

Graduated from the University of Murcia. Vicky has always worked helping students.

Settled since 2 years in Vietnam, Vicky is currently working in a Spanish school as well as private lessons.

In love with Vietnam and its culture, I learn new values ​​every day with my students. Teaching is learning something new every day.”

Makara Ouk

French teacher

Graduated from a BTS financial and management
Graduated from a university in France, DAEFLE (Teaching French as a Foreign Language)
Makara taught FFL in Australia, then settle down in Vietnam where he keeps teaching during the past 4 years to different age and level in language centers.
« Grâce aux langues, on est chez soi n’importe où » – Edmund de Waal