Rule of the school

The rule are created in order to guarantee the best quality for your or your children’s lesson

1- Lessons start and end at the time fixed by the schedule agreed upon. Any session started is due in full.2- Invoice must be paid in advance, at the beginning of each session (6 weeks, between school holidays). An additional 10 % will have to be paid after 15 days late.

3- If your children have to miss a lesson, please inform us 4 hours before minimum. The lesson can be caught up in the month but cannot be refunded. The lesson won’t be caught up in case we receive no information from you.

4- A maximum of 4 lessons can be caught up per session.

5- Students have to come to every lesson with their notebooks and school materials (books, notebooks, pencil case, etc …).

6- L’Atelier promises to send every six weeks a report to the parents about the work done by their children.

7- In order to improve our follow up of your child, please transmit us any piece of information that can be of use (marks and test results, homework, teacher observations, etc …)

8- L’Atelier is allowed to use the photos taken within the school.