Vietnamese Lessons

étudiant de l'atelier

L’Atelier is providing one-to-one
and group lessons (max. 5 persons) :


Vietnam Flag– Vietnamese Lessons :



Wednesday at 8 am, beginner

Friday at 8 am, beginner


For all those who want to learn Vietnamese with a unique hands-on and efficient method. We are offering Vietnamese lessons for all levels and for everyone (Foreigners or Vietnamese-speaking children who would like to improve on their mother tongue).

The first lesson is free for new students !

Members of the AFV and the Ao Dai Japanese Ladies Club
will benefit from a 10% discount on all our prices !

Don’t hesitate, give it a try !

  • Cours de langues et de soutien scolaire
  • 260.000 VND/h
  • Cours en groupe
  • Rejoignez-nous

  • Cours de langues et de soutien scolaire
  • 450.000 VND/h
  • Cours en privé
  • Rejoignez-nous