About Us

Sylvie with the kids

L’Atelier is a Language Center in Saigon, Vietnam, providing lessons of French, English, Vietnamese and more. We welcome everyone : children, teenagers, and adults of any nationality.

This warm and small structure, ideal for an easy learning for all, has been created following an increasing demand from parents who wanted to have a tutor for their children.

Our objective is to offer structured interactive lessons, based on the needs of each and everyone.

Classes are either groups of 5 people maximum or private lessons in order to allow the teacher to follow individually each student.

Don’t hesitate, give it a try !

The first lesson for new students is free !

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The teaching team of L’Atelier is composed of qualified and experienced teachers from diverse backgrounds.

We remain at your disposal to discuss your needs and the ones of your children, and to find together the most suitable tutoring program.

If you are interested, you can meet the teaching team everyday from 2pm to 3pm, except on Saturdays.

Some parents share their experience

“Thank you for the quality of support that l’Atelier brought to my daughter, without a doubt  has it contributed to the success of her IB exams.”



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sylvie, Arnault and the assistants at L’atelier. We appreciate how flexible you have all been with us and our crazy schedules. Squeezing them in for make up classes to ensure that they did not lose any classes was extremely valuable for the maintenance and development of their French. Ultimately, the girls’ confidence in French has grown, and we thank you all for your dedication.”



“Elliot and Oscar are 13 years old and are going to an English-speaking school since many years. They are taking lessons at L’Atelier since 2010. These lessons are mainly about the history of France, but French writing is also a priority. Last year, we were thinking of stopping the lessons since the boys had reached a good level of French, but I was very surprised to see that they insisted to carry on. They always join the lessons with great pleasure and are coming back with endless stories. Lessons at l’Atelier are really fitting the demand and answering children’s needs, that’s the reason why children are keen on learning more! Motivation is the basis of learning, being able to pass on the willingness to learn. That’s what we find at l’Atelier! Congratulations to the entire team !”

– Odyl


“For more than 3 years, my daughter has been taking flute lessons with Sylvie, the director of l’Atelier. My daughter has not only achieved significant progress, but she also has a lot of fun playing. Sylvie knows how to deal with children, step by step, through professionalism and humour. That is the reason why I strongly recommend lessons at l’Atelier.”

– Elisabeth


“Although we chose an international education for our children (in our case English-speaking school), we didn’t want them to give up on their native language, and, for that purpose, l’Atelier is an excellent parallel structure. The entire team is very efficient and the teaching quality is very good for the IB preparation. This is without mentioning the kindness and the flexibility of the team. We are very happy with our decision.”

– Caroline


“We are a French family, and Kélian, who is 13 years old, has been studying in a British school for nearly 6 years. While an English-speaking person can’t notice his French origin when he speaks (what an achievement !) we have always wanted him to sustain an excellent French level. This is a real challenge that he is taking up since 6 years thanks to l’Atelier. 
He is working in small groups or in private lessons, with very skilled teachers, always available, passing on their passion and thus motivation, in a cosy atmosphere and a colourful environment. He is always very happy to join the class twice a week despite his increasing amount of homework from the British school.
Congratulations and  many thanks to Sylvie ! Her passion for teaching and children allowed her to create and develop this unique and stable environment in the heart of Thao Dien. L’Atelier is offering everything we need for Kélian, and his results are amazing!”

– Christine

1- Lessons start and end at the time fixed by the schedule agreed upon. Any session started is due in full.

2- Invoice must be paid in advance, at the beginning of each session (6 weeks, between school holidays). An additional 10 % will have to be paid after 15 days late.

3- If your children have to miss a lesson, please inform us 4 hours before minimum. The lesson can be caught up in the month but cannot be refunded. The lesson won’t be caught up in case we receive no information from you.

4- A maximum of 4 lessons can be caught up per session.

5- Students have to come to every lesson with their notebooks and school materials (books, notebooks, pencil case, etc …).

6- L’Atelier promises to send every six weeks a report to the parents about the work done by their children.

7- In order to improve our follow up of your child, please transmit us any piece of information that can be of use (marks and test results, homework, teacher observations, etc …)

8- L’Atelier is allowed to use the photos taken within the language school.