English Lessons

apprendre l'anglais à HCM

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L’Atelier is providing one-to-one

and group lessons (max. 5 persons) of English:


First English lessons for toddlers, lessons for children or adults or deeper studying of specific topics. We are offering English lessons for all levels and for everyone (Foreigners or English-speaking children who would like to improve on their mother tongue).

More : Learn English in Ho Chi Minh City


Timetable for Adults




Timetable for Children

No classes available at the moment.
Contact us for more information.



The first lesson is free for new students !

Members of the AFV and the Ao Dai Japanese Ladies Club
will benefit from a 10% discount on all our prices !

Give it a try !

  • Language tuition and academic tuition
  • 330.000 VND/h
  • Group class
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  • Language tuition and academic tuition
  • 750.000 VND/h
  • Private class
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