Language Classes for Professionals in Ho Chi Minh City



Be Prepared!


Do you wish to attract a more diverse clientele
by being better understood and
avoiding communication blunders

in Vietnamese, English and French ?

Do you wish to prepare yourself for a business trip
or a job-search in a foreign country ?

Wait no more!

At l’Atelier, we make every effort to accommodate your needs and availability !

Through role-playing, listening and speaking exercises,
reading comprehension, and practicing writing professional emails,
letters and other administrative/legal documents,
develop your linguistic capacities !

Our Workshops for Professionals :



Training on demand

Training can be provided within your company office or at l’Atelier

language_courseCustomized individual language classes

Goal : Increase the language skills of your key employees with individual courses.

After an assessment of the level and needs of the employee, our team will provide him the tools to improve his professional practice of English / French or Vietnamese.

groupclassCustomized group training

Objectif : Train your team with workshops designed for your needs. Send us your requirements and let us suggest an internal training program tailored to your business.

The skills of our trainers can cover a wide range of issues. Share with us your problems.

Make a successful entrance in the labor market

Goal : Learn how to make an efficient introduction in order to get the best chances in your work research.

CV, Curriculum Vitae, experience professionnelle *** local caption *** Job search illustration. Resume, experience, curriculum vitae

Workshop 1 : Prepare your CV and your Cover Letter

2 hours



  • Content
  • Formatting
  • Recommended adjustments based on your profile

II. Cover Letter

  • Content
  • Formatting
  • Recommended adjustments based on your profile

III. To cheat or not to cheat ?

  • The importance of honesty
  • Omission, exaggeration : What are the acceptable adjustments?

IV. How to adjust your preparation to the targeted company ?

  • European firms vs. Anglo-Saxon firms
  • Formal resume vs. Creative resume


Workshop 2 : Prepare your interview

2 hours


I. How to prepare your interview

  • Research about the company and the position offered
  • Practice

II. D-Day

  • What to bring
  • How to dress

III. The Interview

  • How to introduce yourself quickly and effectively
  • The questions you should expect
  • How to answer tricky questions
  • Learn how to ask questions

IV. Simulation with the trainer

  • Interview
  • Debriefing

Communication within your company and how to avoid the pitfalls of cultural differences


Workshop 1 : 5 minutes to give a positive impression of yourself

3 hours – Workshop

Goal: The first moments of an encounter in the workplace are always decisive.
Take control of this crucial moment.

I. The Importance of the First Impression

II. Introduce yourself effectively

III. Case Study : the business meeting

IV. Case Study : networking

V. Simulation with Trainer


Workshop 2 : Working with Western partners

3 hours – Workshop / Round table

Goal: Working with Western partners may seem easy at first,
but cultural differences are real, with consequences far from harmless in the conduct of business.

I. Cultural Differences : Vietnam vs Western

  • Introduction to the differences between the European and Asian culture
  • Understanding Western stereotypes about Vietnamese

II. Learn how to express yourself clearly in order to avoid misunderstandings

  • By e-mail
  • On the phone
  • In a meeting

III. Identify and avoid the roots of major disagreements

  • Different time perception
  • Different relationship with money
  • Different way report to the hierarchy
  • Different perception of the place of the individual within the company

Conclusion : The fundamentals of a healthy professional relationship


Workshop 3 : Managing a Vietnamese team

3 hours – Workshop / Round table

Goal : Managing a Vietnamese team can be very difficult.
The sources of misunderstanding can be multiple and severely affect the management of a company.

I. Cultural differences : Vietnam vs. Western

  • Introduction to the differences between the European and Asian culture

II. Risk Situations

  • Turnover
  • Non-Productivity
  • Authority

III. The different management approaches

Trust vs. Control: Advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches in Vietnam.

  • Japanese / Korean management
  • French management

IV. The importance of life within the company

  • Getting involved or not in the personal lives of one’s employees
  • Team building

V. The problem of corruption within the company

  • Understanding the phenomenon
  • Suggestion to contain it

Languages Classes

Goal: Reinforce the language skills of your teams with trainings tailored to their professional environment.

Workshop 1 : Secretarial work

8 hours

4 levels : A1 – A2 / B1 – B2


I. Professional Vocabulary

  • List of useful vocabulary
  • The unforgivable grammar mistakes / easy to avoid

II. Simulation

  • Take a call and take notes
  • Hosting a visitor in your office
  • Communicate effectively via email

III. Going beyond language skills

  • Manage a disgruntled customer
  • Manage an unknown / unexpected situation
  • Between the client and the Hierarchy: How to manage the flow of information ?

Workshop 2 : Hospitality

8 hours

4 levels : A1 – A2 / B1 – B2


I. Professional vocabulary

  • List of useful vocabulary
  • The unforgivable grammar mistakes / easy to avoid

II. Simulation

  • Greet customers in a bar / restaurant
  • Take an order
  • Respond to requests efficiently

III. Go beyond language skills

  • Managing a difficult client
  • Managing an internal error

IV. The Art of Service

  • Introduction to European culture of table service
  • Example of a 5 star service

Module 3 : Welcoming customers and selling

8 hours

4 levels : A1 – A2 / B1 – B2


I. Professional vocabulary

  • List of useful vocabulary
  • The unforgivable grammar mistakes / easy to avoid

II. Simulation

  • Welcome a customer in a store / facility
  • Helping a client in defining his need
  • Conclude sale
  • Reward loyalty
  • Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with a Western customer

III. Go beyond language skills

  • Know the product to sell it better
  • Dealing with a difficult client
  • Dealing with an internal error
  • Create a personal relationship with the customer
  • Loyalty: long term vs short term

IV. The art of selling

  • What are the tips and tricks of the excellent sellers ?
  • Testimony

The Formatters


Loic Muller

Graduate of Sciences Po Strasbourg with a concentration in Public Administration, Loic Muller has 8-years of professional experience in Vietnam. He has most notably been in charge for 4 years of the Hanoi office of the French Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam before turning towards entrepreneurial projects.

His professional experience allowed him to intervene regularly in universities and firms treating various issues such as the environment of economic affairs in Vietnam, entrepreneurship as well as access to employment.

Arnault Barthoulot

Graduate of Sciences Po Strasbourg with a concentration in Economics and Finance, and in E-Commerce, Arnault Barthoulot has 4-years professional experience in France and 2-years in Vietnam. After having been chief of a web-marketing project for 2 years and professor of Economy for 1 year, Arnault is creating his own consulting firm in firm creation with diverse partners.

His experience covers particularly the creation of Business Plans and Marketing Plans. He has come to Vietname in search of new horizons.


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