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Our teaching quality and our flexibility are our primary values.

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What is quality for us ?

At l’Atelier, all our teachers are qualified and have acquired during their broad experience teaching skills which are guiding our students to success.

Moreover, the teaching team is constantly discussing the best method to be used in order to leverage on everyone’s experience.

For us, your success is the most important goal.

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What is flexibility for us ?

L’Atelier is a French School located in D2, Saigon, which remains flexible in order to fulfil students’ expectations.

That is the reason why we don’t hesitate to change the group or to adapt the teaching method if needed.

We allow you also to reschedule a lesson up to 4 times in a session and we remain available for you.

Taylor-made programs can also be created on your request.



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L’Atelier is offering to its students free access to the book and DVD library.


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