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Prepare IGCSE in Ho Chi Minh City !


Cambridge IGCSE (or International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a diploma for students from 14 to 16 years old who may be passed in more than 9000 institutions in approximately 160 countries. Well-recognized around the world and serving as a reference to international universities for their recruitment, the IGCSCE appears quite unavoidable in Vietnam.

Among the many exams (70) that this diploma can have, the French language options are obviously present. Therefore, l’Atelier specifically prepares its student to pass the following tests :


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In Ho Chi Minh City, the main international institutions that allow their students to pass the Cambridge exams are :

The Renaissance International School, the British International School, and the Singapore International School

As for the preparation of all other exams, L’Atelier follows your child throughout the year to build month after month strong skills in French, adapting to the nature of the exam to pass: Written, oral, or both, on MCQ or more demanding writing tests.


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