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Ho Chi Minh City today is undergoing unprecedented growth, and is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic economic centers of the world with the development of the metro system, shopping malls, and real estate businesses.

Every day, new companies are being founded and new foreign investors are entering the increasingly international market of Ho Chi Minh City.


In 2015, Vietnam’s economy growth rate was +6,7% !

However, all too often, language barriers decrease the chances of success for many local businesses: Vietnamese brands and shops are missing out on profitable business opportunities with foreign clients, and their western counterparts, too, are unable to reach out to Vietnamese clients with surging spending power.

Indeed, due to an untrained staff with limited language skills and awareness of the diverse cultures and communities existing in Ho Chi Minh City- the same cause behind the poorly translated (or untranslated) documents and advertisements- too many businesses are being constrained from a broader clientele !

In light of this concern, L’Atelier An Phu is being renewed and is opening up its services to businesses and professionals in Ho Chi Minh City ! If you own a restaurant or a small shop, work in customer services or in import and export, you too will be able to expand your potential through training your teams or updating your means of communication !

For this, our services focus on what we know how to do best : Pedagogy and justness in French, English, and Vietnamese.

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