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All Saints Holidays Activies are available
from October 20 to November 6!




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L’Atelier also offers various activities in Saïgon for children of all ages

All year-round activites :

Introduction to Music on Friday 3pm
English initiation on Wednesday 4-5pm


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Price of activities:

[column width=”1/4″][pricing_table title=”Half-day of activities” price=”” price_description=””][item]350.000 VND[/item][item]1.250.000 VND / semaine[/item][/pricing_table][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][pricing_table title=”Full day of activities” price=”” price_description=””][item]700.000 VND[/item][item]2.500.000 VND / semaine[/item][/pricing_table][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][pricing_table title=”Half-day of activities + 1h of class” price=”” price_description=””][item]700.000 VND[/item][item]2.400.000 VND / semaine[/item][/pricing_table][/column]

[column width=”1/4″][pricing_table title=”Full day of activities + 1h of class” price=”” price_description=””][item]1.200.000 VND[/item][item]4.800.000 VND / semaine[/item][/pricing_table][/column]


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1- Activities are to be booked in advance by email or phone.

2- For the booking to be effective, the activities should be paid in advance.

3- Activities are to be reimbursed only if l’Atelier was warned at the very last the day before said activity.

4- The parents must provide all necessary information to ensure the safety of activities (allergies, specific medical conditions and treatments, phone numbers, etc…).

5- L’Atelier is committed to ensure safety during the activities.

6- Parents must give the time of arrival of the child and the identity of the person in charge to pick him up.

7- Discount cards are valid only for the current holidays.

8- Please provide lunch if your kid stays the whole day.



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