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Music Lessons in Saigon

The first lesson at l’Atelier is free!

Learn Solfeggio and Flute in Ho Chi Minh City

For an introduction to music for the little ones, solfège courses, or flute lessons, L’Atelier offers various music classes in French for all ages: – Musical awakening courses: Designed for beginners and children from 2 and a half to 5 years old. Through playful games, children discover music and musical instruments. The aim is to educate their ears while having fun. – Solfège courses: To strengthen your musical knowledge and play your instrument without being hindered by reading notes and rhythms, come take solfège courses (open to all levels). – Flute and recorder lessons: Whether it’s practicing these instruments at a school or extracurricular level, L’Atelier specializes in holding flute or recorder classes.
Did You Know? For children, playing a musical instrument enhances their ability to concentrate and manage stress, and, in general, contributes positively to the development of their brain.









Why Choose our Music Classes

Music Lessons 1

Small Groups
(Max. 5)

Music Lessons 2

Classes open to
all ages

Music Lessons 3

Friendly Environment
in Thao Dien

Music Lessons 4

1st lesson

Music Lessons Pricing

in Groups of 5

VND 330,000

Private Tutoring

VND 750,000