What is the TCF ?

TCF or Test de Connaissance du Francais ( French Knowledge Test) is an official examination approved by the French Ministry of Education.

As for the TOEFL or the TOEIC, every TCF candidate gets a diploma after his exams, where he is given one of the six levels (from A1 to C2) of the skill scales defined by the European Council. This diploma is valid for two years following the date of execution of the test.

The TCF is composed as the following :

Three mandatory tests
Two complementary tests
76 items
1 h 25
Oral Comprehension
29 items
25 minutes
1 h 12

Oral Expression

12 minutes

Mastering the Language’s Structures 
18 items
15 minutes

Written Expression

60 minutes

Written Comprehension
29 items
45 minutes

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Detail of the Tests :


Why take the TCF ?


passeport francaisA TCF ANF is mandatory to obtain French nationality


Where to pass the TCF in Vietnam ?



Institut français du Vietnam

24 Trang Tien
Telephone : 84439362164 – Fax : 84439362165
Email : – Website :

Ho Chi Minh City

IDECAF Institut d’Echanges Culturels avec la France

31, Thai Van Lung Street, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone : 84-8-38-27-43-55 – Fax : 84-8-38-27-43-54
Email : – Website :


Institut français

1 Lê Hông Phong
Telephone : 84-54-3-82-26-78 – Fax : 84-54-3-82-08-72
Email :

Other information on the TCF in Vietnam


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