Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM. Saturday 8AM-6PM.

School Rules

L'Atelier's Conditions

The rules are created in order to guarantee the best quality for your or your children’s lessons.

Lessons start and end at the time fixed by the schedule agreed upon. Any session started is due in full.2- Invoice must be paid in advance, at the beginning of each session (6 weeks, between school holidays). An additional 10 % will have to be paid after 15 days late.

Lessons are payable in advance at the start of the session (from vacation to vacation depending on the school calendar of the school where your child attends). An increase of 10% will be applied for any payment period greater than 15 days late.

If your children have to miss a lesson, please inform us 4 hours before minimum. The lesson can be caught up in the month but cannot be refunded. The lesson won’t be caught up in case we receive no information from you.

A maximum of 2 lessons can be caught up per session.

Students will need to bring their belongings (1 large A4 format notebook – a kit with a red, a green, a blue, a black pen, 2 highlighters, 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 stick of glue), as well as any necessary items the proper conduct of language courses or academic reinforcement. The Atelier provides the study books.

Our Follow-Up
L’Atelier promises to send every twelve weeks a report to the parents about the work done by their children.

In order to improve our follow up of your child, please transmit us any piece of information that can be of use (marks and test results, homework, teacher observations, etc …).

L’Atelier is allowed to use the photos taken within the school.