Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM. Saturday 8AM-6PM.

Tutoring Classes in Saigon

The first lesson at l’Atelier is free!

Support your Child's Learning in Ho Chi Minh City

Mainly aimed at the french speaking pupils of the international schools of Ho Chi Minh City, l’Atelier offers monday to saturday classes of tutoring and academic reinforcement in all disciplines.

With our team of tutors and private teachers, we help students to :

– Find well-suited working and scheduling methods.

– Understand, learn and revise the content of their courses by answering their every question and by testing their knowledge.

Go beyond their homework by giving them extrawork.

Correct their mistakes and improve their written and oral expression, through simple or more complex exercices (papers, composition & essays, reports & oral presentations …)

Prepare their exams (IGCSE, IB, Baccalaurรฉat) by doing mocks and targeting their weaknesses.

With a multicultural and diverse team of teachers, l’Atelier is able to provide help in exercices in the following topics :

Languages : French, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German and Russian.

Sciences : Mathematics, Biology, Physics & Chemistry.

Human Sciences : History, Geography, Economics & Social Sciences.

Did You Know?

If steady work is a key to success, do not forget that rest is essential to your child’s development and balance.ย  Thus, the recommended sleep time for children 6 to 12 years is about 11 hours. For teenagers from 13 years, count 8 hours for a good recovery !









Why Choose our Tutoring Classes

School Tutoring 1

Small Groups
(Max. 5)

School Tutoring 2


School Tutoring 3

Course open to minors ofย 
all ages & levels

School Tutoring 4

Friendly Environment in Thao Dien

School Tutoring 5

1st lesson

Tutoring Classes Pricing

in Groups of 5

VND 330,000

Private Tutoring

VND 750,000

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do classes last?

The minimal session duration is a full hour. You can however go for more!

How to learn more about your tutors?

Nothing more simple ! Read the web page dedicated to our teachers to discover their profiles.ย 

Your current timetable is incompatible with me, what should I do?

Contact us! We’ll do our best to find a solution, finding a suitable time or opening a new class.