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About Us

Language Studies Center in Saigon

Who We Are

L'Atelier is a language center (French, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, Russian), located in Thao Dien, and open to all: children, adolescents, and adults of all nationalities.

This warm and small structure, ideal for an easy learning for all, has been created following an increasing demand from parents who wanted to have a tutor for their children.

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An Engaging Program

Our objective is to offer structured interactive lessons, based on the needs of each and everyone.

A personalized follow-up

Classes are either groups of 5 people maximum or private lessons in order to allow the teacher to follow individually each student.

A Free Trial Lesson

Don't hesitate, give it a try ! The first lesson for new students is free !

Our Teachers

The teaching team of L’Atelier is composed of qualified and experienced teachers from diverse backgrounds.

We remain at your disposal to discuss your needs and the ones of your children, and to find together the most suitable tutoring program.

If you are interested, you can meet the teaching team everyday from 2pm to 3pm, except on Saturdays.

Our Mission

What is quality for us?

At L’Atelier, all our teachers are qualified and have acquired during their experience a pedagogy that supports our students in the success of their learning.

In addition, the teaching team exchanges and discusses the best teaching methods and materials to use during lessons in order to pool everyone’s experience.

For us, your success is most important.

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What is flexibility for us?

L’Atelier is a French school on a human scale which remains at your disposal to meet the expectations of the students.

This is why we do not hesitate to change groups or methods if necessary. We also allow you to make up a class up to 2 times in a session.

Finally, tailor-made courses can also be created on demand.

Our Prices

Lessons in Groups of 5

VND 330,000

Private Lessons

VND 750,000

Half Day Activities

VND 350,000

Day Activities

VND 700,000
Invest in your
Future with L'Atelier

Contact us today for a free consultation call to discuss your needs.

Invest in your
Future with L'Atelier

Contact us today for a free consultation call to discuss your needs.

Our Partners

Join L’Atelier An Phu and enjoy of our advantages!

The Rules of L’Atelier

Please read these few rules in order to work together peacefully.

Lessons start and end at the time fixed by the schedule agreed upon. Any session started is due in full.

Invoice must be paid in advance, at the beginning of each session (6 weeks, between school holidays). An additional 10 % will have to be paid after 15 days late.

If your children have to miss a lesson, please inform us 4 hours before minimum. The lesson can be caught up in the month but cannot be refunded. The lesson won’t be caught up in case we receive no information from you.

A maximum of 2 lessons can be caught up per session.

Students have to come to every lesson with their notebooks and school materials (books, notebooks, pencil case, etc …).

Our follow-up
L’Atelier promises to send every twelve week a report to the parents about the work done by their children.

Returns to provide to us
In order to improve our follow up of your child, please transmit us any piece of information that can be of use (marks and test results, homework, teacher observations, etc …)

L’Atelier is allowed to use the photos taken within the language school.


Join over 170 students
benefiting from our support.

“We are a French family, and Kélian, who is 13 years old, has been studying in a British school for nearly 6 years.
We have always wanted him to sustain an excellent French level. This is a real challenge that he is taking up since 6 years thanks to l’Atelier.
He is working in small groups or in private lessons, with very skilled teachers, always available, passing on their passion and thus motivation, in a cosy atmosphere and a colourful environment. He is always very happy to join the class twice a week despite his increasing amount of homework from the British school.
Congratulations and  many thanks to Sylvie ! Her passion for teaching and children allowed her to create and develop this unique and stable environment in the heart of Thao Dien. L’Atelier is offering everything we need for Kélian, and his results are amazing!”
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