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Prepare the International Baccalaureate in Ho Chi Min City !


The International Baccalaureate is a program created in 1968 to meet the growing demand for a high school diploma that is recognized around the globe. Today,universities worldwide integrate more and more IB students in their curriculum (find the full list here).

The increasingly successful, and Geneva-based non-profit foundation IBO, is now collaborating with nearly 4000 schools in over 125 countries, and is well established in Saigon, as many schools of the Vietnamese city offer their students to pass the exams of the International Baccalaureate, such as:

The American International School, the Australian International School, the British International School, the Canadian International School, the European International School, ISHCMC, the Saigon South International School or the Renaissance International School.

The IB curriculum is based on the study of six school subjects groups :

Within these six study groups, each student chooses 1-2 subjects from a wide range, allowing everyone to have a global learning of essential subjects while specializing on particular topics.

At l’Atelier, the exams more specifically prepared in Vietnam by English and French-speaking students are the following :


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Did You Know ?

L’Atelier offers his IB students to come directly to their schools in the District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City ! To this day, the teachers of l’Atelier are working at the ISHCMC and AIS.