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The Best Youtube Channels to Learn French

Nowadays, almost everything can be learned on Youtube, the world’s leading video streaming site.

And naturally, among the billions of videos offered, there is everything you need in French content to improve your level and learn more about the French language.

If thanks to Youtube, it is now possible to have access to the subtitled content of many videos of all kinds (News , Documentaries , Vlogs of influencers, and even movies!), this article will only list that channels specially dedicated to learning French!

Let’s go !


1. Easy Language [Beginners and Advanced]

Let’s start with the exception that proves the rule, with this channel that introduces you to Mandarin, Dutch, Turkish … and many other languages, as they are spoken in the street!

The originality of the “Easy Language” channel comes from the fact that its videos are shot in the city, appealing to the inhabitants! Immersion guaranteed! Easy language leaves aside the too academic “stiffness” of the usual language courses to honor the real inhabitants, the real expressions, and the real culture of a city or a country. A breeze air between two conjugation exercises 😉

Easy Language has an entire channel dedicated to French, Easy French , with over 100 videos of street interviews!



2. Learn French with Vincent [Beginners and Advanced]

With the Learn French with Vincent channel, you will have all the theoretical keys to French. The courses are very well segmented to analyze all the components of the French language, in the form of simple presentations.

Note that in addition to hundreds of “short” vocabulary, grammar, and conjugation videos, Learn French with Vincent offers interactive Lives, where you can ask your questions, do exercises, and more generally, discuss with the host chain !



3. Like a Frenchwoman [Advanced]

For the special attention of Anglo-Saxons, the Comme une Française channel offers, as its name suggests, not only content to learn the French language, but many videos on the lifestyles and habits of Frenchies.

Hand gestures, popular songs, expressions … Comme une Française is the perfect channel for those who think they already know everything, and eliminate all the small errors or doubts for a perfect integration!



4. Frenchpod 101 [Beginners and Advanced]

Intended particularly for English-speaking beginners, Frenchpod 101 has a vast choice of videos, but not only! Indeed, thanks to a continuous streaming of all their videos, no need to have to choose! Leave the streaming open in the background to soak up educational content in French, 24 hours a day.

This channel not only offers French lessons, but also tips and advice on how to learn better! Techniques, mnemonics, use of music in your learning … Frenchpod 101 delivers many secrets to make your learning experience more effective!



5. Oh La La French [Advanced]

Oh la la French is an uninhibited Youtube channel! Created by two French sisters living in the United States, it offers a majority of very short thematic videos to address the most important points of the French language. Alongside these contents, find original subjects or webseries where the two sisters play comedy and defy taboos, addressing romantic encounters, shouting games, slang, and many more.


6. Wandering French [Advanced and Experts]

Because it is not only in France that we speak French, we also offer this channel from Quebec! With local expressions, bits on Quebec culture, but also tourist videos around the world, Wandering French can suit both students and the French themselves, eager to learn more about their cousins ​​from across the Atlantic! Ideal for those wishing to settle in Quebec and succeed in their integration without making mistakes and blend in! On Wandering French, you will find all the keys to understanding the differences in pronunciations between France and Quebec.



Also discover the Youtube channel of L’Atelier An Phu!
Find Children’s Tales in various languages, read by our native teachers!

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