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Where to Read in Saigon: French and English Bookstores

read in saigon

The rainy season is not over yet, the holidays are underway, and back to school is not too far … In short, it is the perfect moment to take time for reading! Only, very often, expatriate families find themselves clueless when it comes to going book shopping in Saigon. Often nostalgic for bookstores and libraries of […]

Study in France after Vietnam

study in france

Why study in France? Many Vietnamese students choose France to do their higher education. Currently, there are 7000 Vietnamese students in France. In 2018, 1700 new students joined France. Why this attraction to France? The reasons are not lacking. The French higher education system is one of the best and most accessible in the world. France offers […]

English, French, Vietnamese: which language for which use?


Emerging countries are popular destinations for economic and cultural expatriates. Among them, Vietnam ranks 14th among the destinations favored by expatriates. Benefiting from booming economic growth and an attractive culture, Vietnam is developing into a true international melting pot. So in Ho Chi Minh, we speak Vietnamese, of course, but also French, English, and many […]

The Solution of Remote Learning

remote learning

The current coronavirus pandemic has caused many disturbances in the last few days and weeks, affecting education with the closure of schools and universities in Vietnam and throughout the world. How, then, to ensure the educational follow-up of students? If there is no shortage of solutions, especially with the help of IT, their implementation raises […]

The Pros of Tutoring


Why seek the help of a tutor? You’re hesitant to hire a tutor or enroll your child in a tutoring program? In this article, find all the advantages of the use of a tutor.   Target precisely the difficulties of a student. It is too complicated for a conventional teacher to perfectly identify the strengths and weaknesses […]